Super sight to get the job done right.

The Sensor Fusion Smart Camera is a spatial vision device that helps workers see invisible details and fix on-the-job errors to avoid costly mistakes.

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Our mission is to empower workers with computer vision and AI to speed training, identify mistakes before they happen and certify a job well done.

Work crews need help identifying hard-to-notice details.

New processes and changing standards must be met quickly so businesses can reduce on-the-job errors and validate work remotely. Our first product is the Sensor Fusion Smart Camera optimized to help teams record and certify every detail. Commercial cleaning teams are using Quivr Sensor Fusion to certify deep cleans. Other industrial customers are using Quivr's programmable sensors to identify faults in automotive assembly.

Sensor Fusion Smart Camera: Combining multiple sensors and advanced optics with spatial vision and machine learning

The Sensor Fusion Smart Camera reveals the smallest details of your work environment using spatial, surface, UV and optical sensors to create a combined view of the scene resulting in verification of coverage. Machine learning algorithms process the images & video comparing real time activity with a base line understanding of quality assurance standards. It is easy to operate and empowers teams to focus on the task at hand while providing useful tips to avoid errors before they happen.

Data-as-a-service so you can have a detailed digital record validating your investment in meeting quality assurance & legal standards

Supervisors and management can access real-time reports and an in-depth digital trail to better manage the new costs of quality assurance. API-friendly so you can integrate into your existing analytics or CMMS systems.

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Introducing the Sensor Fusion Smart Camera


Record Hard to Notice Details and Identify Defects

Quivr provides a smart camera that allows workers to remotely monitor equipment condition, provide real-time defect alerts to cross-functional teams and empowers management with a predictive maintenance analytics application suite that helps to better schedule technical maintenance and discover root defect cause. Industrial categories that can benefit from Quivr hardware-software technology platform include:

  • Commercial cleaning
  • Auto manufacturing
  • Aerospace manufacturing


QUIVR AI Software

The Sensor Fusion Smart Camera immediately uploads recorded work tasks to the QUIVR Cloud and compares real-time activity to baseline standards to calculate a net effective quality score.

  • Digital trail of work quality and task completion
  • Real-time knowledge transfer to avoid costly mistakes
  • Customized measurement standards to meet your industry and legal requirements


QUIVR Dashboard

Data collected by the Sensor Fusion Smart Camera and analyzed in the the QUIVR Cloud is presented in an API-friendly web application.

  • Scales from small business environments to massive industrial settings with 24/7/365 record keeping.
  • Administration roles to integrate real-time knowledge transfer or longer review intervals as needed.
  • Integrate into your facilities management system with the QUIVR API.


QUIVR Certification

Enhance your record keeping with a private labeled certificate that can be shared easily.

  • At-a-glance badge to reassure team members or customers
  • Integrate into reports or marketing material
  • Customize with your company branding
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Microsoft · Intel · Comcast

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Robotics · 3D Engine Development · AR/VR · Medical Visualization · Computer Vision · Game Physics

Microsoft · Phillips



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Pioneer Square Labs is a Seattle-based startup studio and venture capital firm that finances, creates and launches technology startups.


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This smart camera startup helps companies meet COVID-19 cleaning standards by detecting dirtiness


QUIVR Introduces Sensor Fusion Smart Camera, A Deep Clean and Disinfection Detector for COVID-19

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